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Originally Posted by Midpack
Like the looks of the fairing you made. Wish I looked into this site before purchasing mine. I like fabricating things myself for the personal touch. I have been pleased with the ScreensForBikes set up from Australia though. Once I was able to contact Peter by email and worked though PayPal it arrived in THREE days. Unbelievable, it took six days to get a seat from Oregon! The screen along with a Acerbis motard front fender settled things down on the pavement. Also while taking the attached photos the bike fell over in the soft dirt, screen unscratched since it's tucked in. Thanks for the detailed pattern, I'm forwarding these to my son and son-in-law who have DR and DRZs.
I didn't see any attached pics. Post 'em up! It took some time to get the pattern right, but now that I have an accurate pattern, it only takes about ten minutes to trace it out, cut it out, and drill it. I've learned: Don't crease the center line all the way to the bottom edge and move the point where the two diagnal lines come to the center UP about a half inch and the leading edge will stay flat. Larger garbage cans make better fairings because they have fewer bends to have to straighten out before I shape it, however, the smaller cans, if you center the pattern, actually put the bends on the outer edges giving the fairing a little bit of a curved outer edge, which I like. Lowes has the white plastic Chrysler "push fasteners" for $.80 for two. I use 8 to secure it. So can make two fairings in about 20 minutes for around $10. Not that I'll need many more since I can basically fold it in half and not break it, but if I can't get the bug juice off...

What I'd love to do is find someone who could use the original fairing, plus my addition, to make a mold of some sort and be able to make the whole thing as a single unit. I thought I'd try to use a fiberglass/epoxy kit and just lay it over the whole fairing to make a mold, but I don't know where to go from there. Any suggestions?
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