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SAM: In Search of Agent Kilo

2009-06-01 Introduction, Orders Received

My ID is S.A.M., and I work as a field agent for an organization I'll just call "The Agency". Over the course of my career, some of my exploits have been so notorious the Agency's cover story resulted in a number of copycat "reality" shows in the entertainment industry.

However, time fears no man, and eventually I had to retire to a somewhat more subdued lifestyle as an Agency consultant, which in realspeak means I was put out to pasture. While I was out making the world safe for democracy, there was a sea change of attitude at The Agency with the thought that we should be "kinder and gentler" in how we did our work, and this old spy-horse's rather (ahem) dynamic style didn't fit into their plans anymore.

And then, one day, I received the following communique:

From: HQ - Operations Section
To: S.A.M. 50615
Re: Recall to active duty

A mission profile has developed which requires your unique skills and background. The profile details are as follows:

  • Agent Kilo has gone missing during a survey of agency safehouses and has not been heard from for three reporting cycles. Agent Kilo has in their possession a "package" which is critical to an Agency mission, and will become contaminated and useless unless it's located in time and returned to Agency control.
  • Since Agent Kilo did not complete their mission, we need you to trace Agent Kilo's path and complete Kilo's mission.
  • Time is of the essence, you have three months to bring this mission to a successful completion.

Owing to your current status, the character profile we've developed for you is that of a middle-aged IT professional. Due to the nature of your mission and current budget considerations, your usual mission-spec vehicle will not be available. Instead, the motor-pool has developed a vehicular configuration which will meet both the mission requirements and our budget constraints. You will find your vehicle keys in the attached envelope.

After I checked it for booby-traps, I opened the attached envelope, and found this:

That could only mean one thing ...I had to make my trip with this:

In other words, I was going to be a flipping two-wheeled road train! No smoke screen, no oil slicks, no heat-seeking missiles, no radar, no stealth mode, and no hot women! I suppose I could be thankful for small things, since this was a recon mission, I'd have to carry a fair bit of imagery gear with me... they actually gave me a secure way to carry it:

Will wonders never cease?

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