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Kitchener ON to Gatineau QC - Launch!

2009-06-05 Kitchener ON to Gatineau QC - Launch!

After collecting my gear and getting the transportation ready, it was time to make a short shakedown run around town before leaving Kitchener and heading out to the first safehouse located in
Gatineau, Quebec.

The bean-counters at HQ live in a world where every bean must be accounted for, so the odometer and clock reading is all for them.

Next I had to check in with Director of Advanced Directives (aka D.A.D.):

By way of comparison, the Matron Of Mystery (M.O.M.) lives in a highly classified world. If any imagery was traced back to me, it would quickly result in my taking up permanent residence in a small, windowless room for an extended period of time.

And then I was off! With standard practice at the start of every mission required making sure the equipment was working properly, so the following images are me running the camera through it's paces while en-route to the first safe-house.

First, some local topography:

then some infrastructure - there've been an accumulation of large cranes and heavy equipment gathered at this location for the better part of a year:

and then - paydirt! A truckload of government agents on the prowl make for an excellent check to see if my cover would hold, and check out my vehicle-to-vehicle shooting capabilities!

First I had to get past their standing instructions:

and then sneak up and snap a shot of the agent before he could go to stealth mode:

and then make my escape.... victory! Bwahahahah.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet - I got some more infrastructure shots:

and then, just for fun, some geographical markers:

before I encountered another rider using a smaller version of my ride:

He didn't think much of me, which meant my cover was holding up and I was fitting in with the natives.

Overall, the weather was good, the air was fresh, and everything worked as expected - you got to love it when all conditions are nominal.

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