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Just came back from a test run on the Super Ten

Heres a pic of it in my front yard with 2 km's on the clock
I spent most of the ride in T mode and only switched over to S in the last few kms and what a difference! The bike feels very planted and it certainly goes well. I was amazed at the leg room and comfort. The centre of gravity was a real surprise as was the ease at which you can get it up on the centre stand.
Pity about -no heated grips standard, no gear indicator, horrible exhaust / sound, plastic guards, (all of these are of little concern and easily fixed) and the fuelling. This bike has a real harshness in the 3 - 3.5k rpm range like what you guys have mentioned. Feels like fuelling to me. The bike feels like it has a fair bit of restriction, i'd say add a new exhuast can and fiddle with the fuel map and it'll be real sweet.

I expect i'll drop a deposit on the bike on Monday.

One thing, you guys are talking about meddling with the O2 sensor readings i think? Does that have the same affect as having a Power Commander fitted?
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