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Originally Posted by rufus
I/we have ridden the TAT from Black mesa to Port Orford. Also did most of the Arkansas section. You have given me a reason to do the Oklahoma section now. Do I take the KTM 525 or the Honda 650L. KTM is by far easier to ride fast. Honda is more comfortable. I don't know when I will do this. My plate if pretty full for this year. I Have the maps and roll charts but I may want to get your tracks, if that's okay, just to make sure that I ride the same route as you. ...........A few more hours and you get get 1,000 miles in 24 hours, on dirt............hmmmmmmmmmmm...................... .........
You know, I was pondering this type of question as I rode. Would a bigger/heaver bike or smaller/lighter bike be better for this trip?

The riding certainly is not "technical" by any means, so never did I really long for a lighter bike. Also, a 200+ mile fuel range worked out pretty nicely for me and my plans.

Here were my fuel stops:
1. Westville
2. Dewey (just N of Bartlesville, 3 miles off course)
3. Kiowa, KS (2 miles off course)
4. Liberal, KS (6 miles off course)
5. Boise City (on course due to const. detour)

I certainly could have planned a bit better and stretched the fuel stops out, but I used that time to get food and hydrate too, so I think it was a good plan.

A bike with big fuel range, reliable motor, and good brakes (I did a lot of skidding ), and a comfy seat (you can't stand or sit that long) would be great. Of course next week, the sand might be better or worse, so really it's a gamble. Would I have taken a GSA? Sure. Did I need better suspension than my stock KLR? No.

So for your situation, I think the L would be better overall.

Yes, I thought about the Iron Butt option. Researched it before I went. Since it was not a typical route (unpaved, LOTS of turns), I thought they would give me grief about submitting the paperwork. Plus I don't have a working gage cluster, so pics of odometer wouldn't happen- only GPS. They use mapquest to verify mileage... my route is way outside their simple, old-school methods of paper receipts and a starting and ending point.

Maybe I'll get pre-approved next time and do it.
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