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I need to actually get my hands on the new 62 - I believe the form factor is the same as the 60-series, but need to examine it, especially the backside for the way they make the battery compartment. It may be identical to the 60-series, in which case I'm already good to go on my current castings and moldings. If not, I will get to work re-tooling because as you say, it is definitely worth it to continue to make this cradle for them. They will no doubt be the next gen of most prolific hand-helds in use, in my opinion.

Timing has been tough lately, with the release of the 62 series coming at a time when I've been too busy to scope a dummy or get my hands on an actual copy - but I plan on having that sorted out. If anybody can confirm or deny the exactness of the new 62-series form factor for me, that would be appreciated until I get my hands on one.

As for the other Garmins, I just haven't had time to tool up for them yet, and no specific plans until I get the 62 sorted out. I did rule out the old Rhino series though, for those who still hang on to those - I don't plan on re-tooling for them.

I'll post back, but in the meantime, if anybody has the beta on the 62-series form factor, shoot me a pm or post up here. You're a daisy if ya do..... ;-)

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