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Yep, 111 is a cool No.

Im so chuffed - I finished my last day of riding training without damaging myself! Ive been doing 50 loops on an MX circuit per day, limiting the possibility of crashing to some extent. Even then there is a risk. On Thursday I managed to lose concentration and came off on a landing after a jump. Still, Im glad I did it, the muscle memory of riding should give me an edge on the recommended route of spending the last few weeks in a gym.

Of course I couldnt resist hitting a couple of the nearby hills as well. ;D

Im feeling really good. My recovery period is satisfyingly short. I can relax now. On Tuesday night we fly to Brasilia. Wednesday we pick up the support vehicles, meet our American friends, and then drive through to the start city of Goiania 250km away. On Thursday, we get our bikes delivered and can start preparations for scrutineering on Sunday. In eight days (Tuesday 9nth August), we will start the racing on the Super Prime circuit in front of a few thousand spectators to determine starting times the first stage the next day. Then its 4,500km of racing for the following 10 days.

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