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Originally Posted by johno
As I get older, I get a little nervous when putting feet down in loose gravel, so thats one of my main issues with a GS type bike. Although, the seat height is good on the Yammy
Well with the excellent controllable assistance of the ATC/ABS of the Tenere, and its built in Gyroscope (that's what it feels like...) you won't need your legwork anyhow, especcially the standard forks are a immense help on semi-hardened tracks, the Telelever has the backlash of plowing its wheel into corrogation, bringing massive unrest into the bike, and pushing the front sideway's

In this old Braketest its very discernable...

You see the XT going straight from the start, like bow and arrow, where the GS is struggling to find its course like a oldfashioned heat seeking missile, it goes faster, but at what expense ;-)

And Stopping looks almost like toppling in the end...
(and the XT halts 3 feet sooner, but that can be caused by starting speed differences)
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