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Originally Posted by TastyPants
I echo the praise for sure. A couple questions though. I don't have a Bandsaw or a heat lamp...and temps are not quite that hot around here in SF. Is this still doable or am I just asking for trouble? Something that could be done with a heat gun and some beer? The bandsaw seems like a necessity...

I do have some foam though...haha. Also what are you generally using for shaping your model? I have an exacto/utility knife and sand paper, but I was wondering if you were using anything else.
When post curing in the sun I was able to see temps of the composites of 200 deg.F. By leaving it in there for 6 hrs.....instead of the " required 2 @300 deg.F.) I would say that that`s enough to achieve enough strength, and then if it heats up more ( i dont know if it does while mounted)...then it will just get stronger. That was done with an outside temp in the mid to high 90`s. If that scenario is not an option........then next is a heat lamp...... It can be had for about $30 at the hardware store...( go with the red light bulb.... The white is cheaper, but has more hot spots. If that is not an option..... Then I would steer away from the high temp epoxy, and use a regular type, like the max-clr. That type requires no post cure heat elevation, and if you sculpt`s the mold to stay about 1 inch away from the cat, and header you should be ok. As far as cutting with the band saw......Or should I say without one.... The saw blade on a little metal hacksaw is essential the same as the one on the band saw..... But with the hack do all the work..... whereas on the band saw... you don`t. It`s not that the little one won`t cut it..... You just need a lot of beer....
As far as shaping the mold.... You are on the right path..... Excacto knife.... regular knife..... hack saw.... sand paper...... etc... What ever you got....

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