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Hi again folks!

While messing with the charging system, I felt a little restless about the rest of the electrical system.

When i first serviced the bike i changed the whole cables and made a new set from the beginning. All new cables new sockets etc.
Now i see that some sockets i put were slackened and become unreliable due to strong vibrations bike made.
Thought about a more reliable setup and voila! i found it.

First setups were like this:

And these are from the last work

To make a neat cable harness, the lengths are critical.
First, set all the wires and check all functions.
"Le Cable Salad"

This is the regulator/rectifier i have bought for 10usd, yellow cables for coils, others for DC output.

This is worked like fuse box, i put all cables directly to this box and managed all connections from inside it.

The result was very reliable and neat.
Adding, changing cables, connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting is much easier on the go now because there was no special sockets, just screw type connectors and cables.

Will take more pics tomorrow.

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