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Originally Posted by hilld
So what is the recommended pad combination for a 2006 GS Adventure (non ABS) so no linked brakes. About 20% off the time is off road on gravel roads and forest service trails.


Safe to assume 1200 as opposed to 1150? No matter, really, as I still need to put 1150GS, KTM and a few other packages together. Just let me know the specifics.

Three considerations, really - are you happy with:

a) stopping power with the stock pads/rotor combination?
b) pad wear? (which is probably a two-part question, given the difference in wear between front and back)
c) rotor wear?

It's an interesting mix of issues, and depends on your riding style and budget. The black pads, in general, are basically upgraded OEM replacements. Gold pads are grabby, good for an aggressive rider, but are harder on rotors. Green is pretty aggressive, but actually easier on the rotors than Gold or Black - as a result, they wear quicker under heavy use.

The Green pads are great because they retain their stopping power under less than optimal (read: dirty and wet) conditions. This is because it's not necessary to get them warmed up before depending on them to give the rotor a good bite, so... they're fantastic for rear brakes that get short stabs of use in off-road situations.

In terms of rotor wear, the Galfer wave rotors will hold up under more trying circumstances much better than the OEM rotors, and they're designed to coexist peacefully with the Galfer pad compounds - result: longer life and better braking.

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