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Day 2- Lake Billy Chinook to Scotts Camp

The crew awoke to wispy clouds and comfortable weather. Everyone had been watching the skies for the reported scattered thunderstorms. From our poor vantage point, we saw perfect riding weather.

The plan for the day was to take highway 26 to Prineville, tank up and then hit the dirt to find the remote forest camp called Scotts Camp in the Ochoco National Forest.

TooTallJeff, who truly is too tall.

Back up through the canyons...

26 was rather uneventful, except for the soccer moms in their SUVs barreling down the highway. They got a pretty unique sight, with 12 beasts rolling through Prineville all loaded up.

Gasing up in Prineville before getting a bite to eat.

We stopped at the Tastee Treet diner in Prineville, which had great burgers.

At the local Safeway, beer and other necessities were procured. Cougars (not the animal) were out hunting today and their prey seemed to always be coyotetrips as they picked up the sound of his curious (to Prinevillians I guess) German accent.

Unfortunately I was too slow to catch the predator in action. However, I did catch the helpless prey awkwardly collecting himself after the encounter.

That's the last time he parks away from the main group...

Anyway... it was off to Scott's Camp.. Jim Rowley, TooTallJeff and Belgian Waffles opted for another gravel/dirt route, but would meet us at the camp.

As for us, we were on our way.

Relieved of camera duties for the moment...

The young ones were on hand to aid the old ones with their fancy shmancy technology.

The ride toward Scott's Camp was beautiful, filled with alpine meadows, gravel and dirt mixed with some paved twisties.

Take note of those innocently distant clouds over there.... *shakes fist*

We got to camp! Primitive toilet and all. Can't complain though, as it was one of the cleanest toilets I've ever seen.

Shenanigans then commenced...

As well as the wrenching...

A few showers swung by and distant rolling thunder teased us, but the clouds cleared up as darkness fell, giving us all false hope.

We were entertained by stories and a high power laser pointer, courtesy of GSPD750. I guess he thought we would all be bringing our cats... turns out I may be part cat because I couldn't stop playing with the thing...

Some long exposure shots were ruined by the moon...

"My bike is freaking tron." -wrryder

And the night fizzed down as we all went to sleep in the peace and quiet that can only be found when you're in the middle of fucking nowhere. Glorious.

Those nonsensical stories of thunderstorms were laughed away and we would be comfortable and dry. Or so we thought.

Day 3 tomorrow.
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