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Originally Posted by Tee2
Great RR Canon.

I'm heading to Colorado next week. Can't wait!

How do you keep track of all the info and pictures during the trip? Do you take notes during the day on paper or do a journal at the end of the day?

I would like to do a RR but it would be nothing compaired to yours.

First off don't worry about comparing ride reports to someone elses. Matters little. People read what they are interested in. I'll be looking forward to reading yours after your trip!

I don't take many notes. If I want to record some information I don't already have, I take a photo of the text and extract the info later. I put pictures into folders sorted by the day they were taken and work through them in segments as I do the report. I take a lot of pictures but only use a portion of them.

I am retired so I have some time to spend during the Wisconsin winters doing research about places I might like to go. This is entertainment - kind of like reading good books. In fact, by spring I usualy have 2-3 rides researched and ready to pull the trigger on during the riding season.

In a case like this one, I take a look at the route and search out anything interesting that might be proximate. I waypoint it and then go to work organizing the ride.

First step is to develop a matrix of relevant information. I put in clickable links that go to web sites that contain more detail that I can reference later.

Once I have that put together and sorted out to a near final trip, I go to work preparing a document with relevant information about the historical stuff. I get this from books and web sites. In this case I had about a 75 page narrative of historical stuff that I could read as I went to places along the way. This allows me to enjoy rich information about places I visit - often more detailed than what I would find on site. Makes for a better experience for me.

When I go the write the ride report, I have to cook down long stories in my reference narrative to a couple of brief sentences that tell enough of the story (along with what the picture tells) to be (hopefully) interesting and entertaining. I don't try to tell a complete story, just enough to cover the point.

The research is very entertaining to me. The ride is excellent because of the motorcycling and going to the places where something interesting happened. The ride report is usually a lot of work that takes a lot of time. About halfway through I start wishing it was complete (some others probably do too ). I appreciate the reports that others do that are helpful and interesting to me and others so I stay with it to try to give something back or help out the next guy that might want to make the trip.

Hope that helps you. I'm not recommending that people go to the trouble that I do as it could be a lot of work - if it wasn't entertainment for me.
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