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We actually got back from this trip this weekend, so its all done. That being said, I'd love to get back up there, and for others that might be planning at trip up any sights or advice would be welcome.

Heading out of Ottawa we encountered our first rain shower. It came down like all hell. This would be the only rain during driving hours the entire two weeks. It was uncanny. It would rain at night and be crystal clear for the next day’s ride. I think the clouds were saving up for Gadgetboy to ride up to Gaspe again.

As far as gas went, cruising at high speed with all the weight took a hit to the MPG. I would normally get gas every 150 miles or so, but when pushed it would go 185. The fuel plus gadget on the old k-bikes is a lifesaver and so much better than those terrible dumb lights which come on seemingly randomly. It was reading 39mpg on the highway cruising at 80mph or so. Not too bad, would get about 45 normally unladdened.
Here I am waiting out the storm, only 20 minutes so not too bad.

It only took us a little over two hours to get to Montreal. Once again it’s great how close these cities really are. They basically hug the boarder of the US, too cold up north for a large city I suppose, so there are very little miles eaten up going North and South. I need to explore more of Canada in the future, a lot of good stuff and people up there.

I’ll remark on how cool it is to be riding in North America and suddenly hit French. It’s ‘like’ going into another country (I know better than to dive into that debate). We were staying at ‘Abri du Voyageur Hotel’ in a prime location of Montreal. Rooms are cheap, the staff is really nice. No onsite parking, but we found a garage, highly recommended. Getting to the hotel we discovered it was the “Just for Laughs Festival”. It was getting late and our street was shut down for the festival we had to turn around and reroute. Coming up to the hotel, the entire street in front of it was torn up to make it into a new walking only area. It’s going to be extremely nice when it’s all done. But for now it was a pain in the ass. Luckily we unloaded nearby.

Waiting it out in Ottawa.

Rain go away.

Damn 'laughs' mascot. It haunts my dreams.

The festival was actually pretty cool. Though it was very french, hard to relate at times. A lot of slapstick kind of stuff. These girls on the stilts were pretty randy in their talk. The red dress one basically sexually harassed me as I walked by, I didn't mind In a bawdy french accent voice."Oh you're tall. Ever been with a tall woman before naughty boy?" as she thrust her skirt up. haha

They had a beautiful show with women hanging from a crane.

And who could forget the Indian dancers of Shiamak

Had to check out La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal


The newer chapel there, all carved wood

Walked up to the top of Mount Royal.

Even the squirrels were very friendly.

Gold star for you if you can read Korean. A nice memorial. If only Cindy spoke french at the level of her Korean But it will help us in our RTW for shipping from Russia to Korea!

Unfortunately no rocking out.

We had poutine! Healthy!

Biosphere not to be confused with the biodome.

Rose garden next to the biosphere. Montreal has so many gardens!

You have to go to Fairmount Bagel Bakery. They were amazing. Cream cheese and lox! Actually ran into a guy on a big GS stopping at the shop as well. Had AK and Labrador stickers on the back of his Panier.

Bixi bikes are a great way to get around. We ended up riding out to the Botanical Gardens. Word of warning. They are too small for anyone of my height. ~6'6" or ~2 meters. A bit painful on the knees but i managed 5 miles of riding.



At the gardens

They had new varieties of plants. This is a black petunia. Weird as hell. Perfect for your goth garden!

Lots of new cone flower colors too.


The chinese gardens. Reminded me of the Summer Palace in Beijing

Don't know why they dyed the water, made it look like disney world...

We were pretty exhausted and hungry after all the biking and walking. Nothing like some smoked meat!
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