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Day -2, Burns, OR to Nezperce State Forest, ID

Unlike the sky the evening before, the morning was very bright and blue with few clouds in sight. The air was crisp, just cool enough to break out the heated vest and still feel refreshed. The ride east out of Burns started out very flat and straight but soon entered some rolling hills where I saw what I thought to be a mechanical horse.

Here is one of the cameras I was using, my HTC Incredible, in order to upload photos to friends while on the road.

I then came up a small rise and realized there was a perfect view of a small stream running out to the valley.

The temperature creeped up slowly to 60 but it still felt rather cool. I thought it was perfect, just cool enough to not feel hot at all in the gear, but not cold enough to feel cold. The surrounding hills started to get taller....

I then rolled through Vale OR and spotted the following bakery. Since I hadn't stopped yet that morning, I felt the urge to go in and grab a cinnamon roll. I felt just slightly out of place with the few big families in there, guys in cowboy boots and hats, and me in my Aerostich with big ole motocross boots on. I like to think they were jealous of my boots.

I hit Ontario OR at lunch time and decided to stop at a small drive in type burger joint called Burger West, which is famous for putting big slices of ham (on the beef patty) in the burger. I didn't opt for the ham, but it was pretty good.


Idaho started out kind of flat and open, but it was a nice relaxing ride while the lunch digested.

Working my way into the hills and mountains of central western Idaho, I passed by Black Canyon Dam. I'm a sucker for dams so I always try and stop to check it out and snap a photo.

45th Parallel! Not the first time, but the first time on the DR and I was on a mission to snap this photo.

Working my way up ID-55, traffic started to get worse due to the 4th of July weekend. There were some nice twisty spots that were bogged down by all the cars.... disappointing to say the least, but not too bad because where I was headed there are no cars!!! The wind also started to whip up too. Later in the afternoon I stopped at a big pull off and scrambled down some rocks to rest to this:

I really dig the contours on the side of the hills.

As I was heading north on US-95 to Grangeville, the road was getting higher and higher, until I saw how high we were over the valley and just had to stop for a photo. I ran into an older couple on a Harley who were on a 1+ month trip all over the US and had started in Florida. We talked for a bit, and took photos for each other.

I pulled into Grangeville ID, looking for gas and some canned food for camping. I was also looking for camping, as I knew there was some NE of the town but not sure exactly where. After grabbing petrol and supplies, I headed out to find ID-14 as I recall some state park and camp sites there from a map. I rode down ID-13, went onto 14 for some miles and did not see any signs for a camp site. It was a nice road though....

I was getting a little worried and turned around to find a way back towards ID-13, assuming I might have to give up and keep riding towards US-12. I saw a local walking on the side of the road and talked to him for a few minutes....he was very nice and said I was originally going the right way and just had to continue on US-14 for a few more miles. I was in the right spot, Nez Perce State Forest.

Sure enough I found a few camp sites and picked a spot.

Scrounging around for downed wood, I built the lamest fire ever before going to sleep.

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