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I may have to grow older
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Ruby Road Ride

Let me give it a try.

Ride Name: Ruby Road Ride
Date: 2/7/10
Meeting time: 0700 Stands up at 0730
Meeting location: I19 & Continental (South side of Green Valley)
Estimated Length of Ride: 3 hours guesstimate
Difficulty: Depends on what the rains have done to it. Should be an easy to moderate difficulty. There is a side loop near the halfway point out Warsaw Canyon and back California gulch that should be a bit more difficult.
Notes: (ex: General route, big bike friendly; noob friendly; fast paced...)

Out to Arivaca south on Ruby road and up into the mountains. Either end up on I-19 just north of Nogales or we can turn around and come back the same way. The area is incredibly green right now. Potential for a couple of smaller water crossings. A couple of washouts along Ruby. There is probably some standing water in Calif Gulch.

Big bike friendly with a large Border Patrol presence to keep the bad guys away.

Any interest or better knowledge of the road conditions?
I may have to grow older
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