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Originally Posted by AdvRonski
No problemo- I'll be back! It sure was sweet hanging out down by the river in town there. Lots of girls in bikinis...........girls................bikinis.... ............water.............general goodness.
Ahhh... summer in Salida. Welcome.

Originally Posted by AdvRonski
I rode the DR south from Hayden Pass Rd, where the trail climbs up for quite a while. The problem I had was all the extra gear made it pretty tough to thread through the trees in 1st gear. At such slow speeds, the weight at the rear pushed back when I turned the bars, as if there was about 20 gallons of fuel sloshing from side-to-side. I bailed and came back down to the road, but it sure was tempting to continue. I had no idea how far the next trailhead was, hell, I had never HEARD of the Rainbow Trail before.
I was just wondering which part was your favorite-sounds like it ALL is.
I'll look you up next time.


You did good to turn around on that section: It get's gnarlier. It's one of my favorite sections though.

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