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Day 1- Stutter Step

Bummer start to a week long trip, here's how it went from my POV

Pre-flight checks all done, fluids good, lights working, bags packed and strapped I head over to Jab's

As mentioned by Jab we hit the slab and ride straight out through SF headed for 128 and the coast, here is the GG

Self Portrait

I took a trip with my wife out to Mendocino on 128 a couple years back and the whole time I was driving down this
road all I could think was- I need to ride this someday! We finally turn off 101 and eat at the BBQ place at the
entrance to 128... good food.

Belly's full of BBQ sauce we jump on our bikes, the show is finally about to begin... this is going to be a great
ride. We start down 128 and hit the first turn, I notice the bike is losing power, wtf? I give it some throttle
thinking she needs a spur to get her out of the dull straight mindset but the red oil light comes on, wtf!? I slow
the throttle and look for a place to pull over, no room on the side of the road but I spy a place to pull in up
ahead, someone decides to start smacking the cylinder with a hammer at about this time, WTF!?!?

I kill the engine and glide to the private driveway, we check the oil and the level is right, no leaks or smoke.
We try adding oil to see if that helps, no dice. A call to the AMA Roadside gets me a tow from Lenny at Redwoods
Motorcycle Tow and Transport, great guy I highly recommend him if you need assistance in that area. He agrees to
haul me back all the way to SJ, I wave goodbye to Jab and promise to find a solution to continue our trip. A few
hours and a couple hundred bucks later I am home looking for something to rent, I spy a couple of options and place
some calls the next day.

My search leads me to a BMW 1200RT or a 1200GT, both booked but "we have Harley's", hmmm Sierra passes on a Harley, "no
thanks." I then call the second option a Honda ST1300, well they had Harleys and Goldwings as well but they just
aren't what I am looking for. The ST1300 looks capable enough if a little less than exciting, I mean it's no
Italian beauty but I don't suspect it will leave me stranded and heart broken on the side of the road either... hot chicks
can be fickle bitches!
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