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Day 1.5- Try This Again...

Loading up

I start the engine, wait is this thing on!? Damn how can you tell, a quick twist of the throttle, yeah its
running. This is an incredibly quiet and smooth running machine, I'd say it runs like a sewing machine but I
wouldn't want to cast aspersions at the sewing machine.

I will say one thing about this bike, it can pack it in, I put all my stuff in the hard bags and am ready for the
road. My first impression of this bike is that for a 1300 it sure is tame and easy ride, power is good to great
with a very smooth power curve, add to that the electric windshield, adjustable head light, relatively comfy stock
seat... not too bad.

Back at Jab's for a dose of deja vu we finally move out, slabbing to Tioga Pass and camping in Yosemite. As I pull
up to the first stoplight we hit I look over at the car next to us and a nice older lady in an Oldsmobile is
staring at my bike, not just a quick glance either, she is staring at my bike like she's a cougar and I am sitting
on a giant silver rabbit, hmm that's odd they're usually averting their gaze from me.

As we head to Tioga Pass I am starting to notice a trend, the more experienced members of our population keep
looking at 'MY' bike, with a friendly wave or just to come up to say "Hi, where you headed?". This is quite
strange to me, I get it some when I am on my Guzzi but it is usually from other people on motorcycles, these are
just the normal natives rolling on 4 wheels. I have never associated the bike I ride with the attitudes of the
general public before, never noticed it I guess, until now.

We get to camp in Yosemite, I am out in the field setting up my tent and a guy walks up to my bike, right past Jab
and his GS, and says "HEY! how's the ST?" Turns out he has an ST and wants to talk a little shop. I tell him it's
actually a rental but I think it is a really good bike if a little lacking in the character department. He frowns
and says "well that's because you need to get some farckles!". He tells me a few tall stories and we share some
talk about riding position improvements. He departs after a while, turns out he wasn't even in our campsite he was
just driving by and saw the bike and decided to stop.

My spider senses are tingling...
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