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Day 9 June 14 Lancaster to White Mountain State Park, very little traffic. Saw the first dead moose.
I had Breakfast at Glen Junction, then decided to drive north on Hwy 16 up New Hampshire then east on Hwy 2 then back south on 113 – a gorgeous ride.

Lots of ski lifts and expensive cabins – I toasted the God of Spandex at each ski lift!

Arrived in Gray, Maine at the home of friends Harry and Gail. I changed to TKC 80s that had 2400 miles on them from last year’s attempt. Wouldn’t do that again – I’ll always use new ones. The maximum mileage I can get out of new TKCs is 4500 miles to the bald spot on the rear!
Ending Odometer 52095 = 154 miles

Day 10 –Tuesday, June 15 at Harry and Gail’s – visited Wildlife Park:
Eagle with broken wing:

Infant moose:

Slow! We don't want a reptile disfunction!

Day 11 – June 16 low 50 ° at 6:00 AM, 75° at noon. Up to Norway for McDs biscuit again and saw a motorcycle accident as they were cleaning up scene. It looked as if the Bike slid about 40 feet as if it had been hit from the rear.

Baxter State park:

Logger's Restaurant:

Crossed into Canada at Van Buren and St Leonard. The Canadian Customs Agent was so good looking I could hardly speak without stuttering! She asked if I had ever been to Canada – then she seemed incredulous and wanted to hear about my Alaska trip on a motorcycle. Probably an interrogation technique! She asked if I had ever been to court in Canada – how did she know I was an inmate? She asked about alcohol and when I mentioned that I had some Captain Morgan’s rum in a canteen with a label on it, she laughed and said that was fine.

Then I headed up to Carlisle on the Gaspe and stayed in a small hotel where they speak only French.
Ending Odometer 52653 = 558 miles
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