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Day 13 June 18th Up at 4:30, 60°. Fueled up at 5:00AM See how bright it is!:

North on Hwy 389. Nice scenery, but more than an occasional pot hole to keep you alert. The whole area is supported by hydro-electric power and logging industry.

It is hard to take a photograph without a wire running thru it!

Electric power station:

Refueled at Manic Cinc and met a cute young couple on BMWs
just packing to head north. I told them about my weather brief that stated there was rain coming tomorrow. He was probably hoping for a few rain days!

Lots of construction. Takes a few miles to get my “Gravel Legs” back – memories of the Dalton and Laird Highways. 12° grades and clean rivers. Since I brought everything except pontoons, I wanted to get ahead of any potential weather problems (spelled MUD and full potholes!) so I figured if I could make it to Labrador City by 1:00 PM, then I could make it to Goose Bay before dark.

The road is not to be underestimated in daylight and is treacherous at night – not to mention the wildlife casually strolling down the road after dark! If you see a moose cow in the road be prepared for the bull to jump out and chase pheromones!

I brought enough food, water and survival gear for 3 days of sitting or wrenching.

Pavement is rare!

Typical small bridge:

The section from Lac Fire to Mont Wright was the worst: It parallels the railroad track, crossing it at least a dozen times; and the surface changes quickly with the over-abundance of potholes!

You don’t dare ride this road with the potholes full of water because you cannot tell the size or depth – much less dodge them! It would be helpful to find a pick-up to follow so you can assess the water hazard before hitting it! I stood on pegs most of the 20 miles. The fuel tankers made big dust clouds in the dry areas.

Lots of nice rivers:

Large Iron Mine near Labrador City:

Labrador City at 12:30, McDs Burger, map recon, ibuprofen, fuel and off we go again!

Re-fueled at Churchill Falls. Lots of construction with new (deep) gravel the last 20 miles into Goose Bay.

Requisite Labrador photo:

Did I mention dust?

Loooooonnnnng straaaaaaaaight road!

Construction - get used to it! He (or she) is dressed for black flies not cold!
Don't open your visor while you wait!

And of course, the Goose Bay sign!

I Got Hotel room and did laundry.

Ending Odometer 53729 = 734 miles of dirt, gravel, mud, sand, dust, rocks, but beat the rain!
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