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Day 5

I was awoken with a flash in the face, friggin early, bloddy Dan , i love ya mate!

We packed up had a coffee and made our way down the western side of glorius...sweet, i'm glad i put those Mita's 50/50's on.

Pic Mt Glorius west side, Grabbin a pumpkin & Dans new bike!
From there it's all high speed stuff into Esk around the top near Somerset, so seeing we had'nt ridin together for a while , well we just ..well ...opened em up a little.

We took some back roads to Dalby , i decided on an oil change at Dalby moto, and Danno, already shitted off with his helmet choice decide to up grade to a visored Helmet.
We took some pics of the rear rubber just near Somerset Dam for the record , but on the whole were keen on getting off the tar .Dalby done we tore off to Nindigully!

Turns out we were a bit keen to get there , i could smell something burning .

As i lifted my head above my screen i knew it was'nt me ....o well just keep truckin.
When Dan came past me again i knew right away, it's Dan's bike!!

Fun tryin to slow some one down when your havin a blast and their on a Super enduro.

The tyre was smokin when we stopped and the psi 38.5 obviously not good.
Result of constant high speed/ hi psi? - one totalled rear RR tyre, the Nobs in the center were just like tea bags that had been gutted.

3.40 pm out side Westmar .....St George seemed our best chance for a tyre and Nindigully would have too wait!

We got on to Phil Haplin's. He own's the Holden shop and the Yammy dealer in St George ,who had 1 Rally Raid sittin right there in his rack.
Late in the day he fitted it right there for us , we were on the road by 5 30pm. Champion effort Phil, turn's out he got a KTM TWIN aswell. Man I love QLD!!

It's a beautiful site'nt it!

It was already late and our camp hunting had turned up stuff all . We begrudgingly booked into the caravan park surrounded by whinging old buggers but not before grabbing a rib eye from the butcher behind the bottle 'o .
A Bundy,St George Rib eye and Mt Glorius Pumpkin on a gas BBQ later...... we called it a day, an expensive day aye Danno!

Day 6,

Plan to do the Darling......river!

We'll it's minus degrees in St George , we pack up in the dark and head out to join the Sunrise.

We trickle south to Dirribandi and thru Goodooga where we reintroduce the bikes to where they belong...... DIRT.
It's like releasing an animal back into the wild
. we feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Speaking of animals , we come across some roadkill...our detective skills deduct it's way of death and the time, wadduya rekon Sherlock?.......I'd say it's pretty fresh! It would be a shame to leave it here in the middle of the roadto waste.Too right!!

While stopped we had some tuna on bread and cleaned up. Pine'o clean wipes are the trick btw..

We had lunch and a beer in The Port Of Bourke and took off towards Louth to hit some more DIRT

Were apparently in the real outback, oh well..... better do a wheelie!

Going to Louth We took a left off towards the Gundabooka range came across some nice tracs and an old homestead!

We decided to camp at the Gundabooka Campground and use the picnic table, made a huge fire made lotsa noise and cooked up some damper with the prize legs we'd scored earlier that day from the Bokhara river Butchery.

Cheeky Red Capped Robin

Yummy Yummy Yummy i got food in my tummy and the world is such a better place.
Today felt like a real day's ride.....maybe we were in the outback!Beautiful.

Day 7

Plan ride the Darling to meet Dave in Broken Hill.

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