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Originally Posted by BERNERBUDDY
A fixed camshaft is a compromise of all modes of operation. Big Differance.
Exactly... and BMW compromised in a different range for that motor. While that may be good for some of the bikes (i.e. ST or S models), it may not be as suitable for the GS or RT...

As you said, it's a compromise. 9 degrees is not much, really, but in this case it shifts the torque curve about 1000 rpm lower across the band. While most everyone I have helped with the install (S, GS and ST) has had great experiences, it depends on how you ride.

If you like WOT, and the upper rpm band, they are NOT for you. If you like low to mid rpm power and torque and the occasional burst, they will make you smile A LOT!

Lennie did a great job and it took him a long time and much testing to get to where the sprockets are right now. He knows what he is doing and on top of that, is a stand up guy! I can provide direct contact and have done so for a few folks already. He is revamping his own website right now and it will be up and functional soon.

NO, i reap no benefits from any sales. He is just a friend and has a product that I firmly believe in, based on my experiences.
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