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Day 18 June 23 47° and sunny Left Bellevue Beach to Conception Bay. Saw dead moose at Portugal Cove.
Checked tires:

This is what the sharp rocks on the Trans Labrador Highway (TLH) do to tires:

I Don’t thaink (that’s Texas for "Think" after long pondering!) that tire is going to make it to Maine for the waiting Tourances.

I head down to St. John’s to look for a tire. I am standing in a convenience store looking at a St. John’s phone book and holding the St. John’s map looking like an ADV tourist when a distinguished gentleman named Paul in an expensive suit walks up the me (in a really dirty “Stitch”). He asks if he can help me. “Is that your GS out front?” he asks. Turns out he is a retired Provincial Police Officer who is now in local politics. I had already called all the dealers in the book and he suggested that I call the Toy Box and ask for Keith. He actually dials the number in his Blackberry and asks Keith if he has the size I’m looking for and Keith climbs to the second deck to check out two used TKC 80s and says he has two I can choose from! These Newfies are fantastic!! Paul gives me his card and says to call him if I have any more trouble.

Off to the Toy Box! :

Keith drops the other work and jumps on my bike. As soon as he gets it on the stand he finds loose pivot bushings. He orders them and assures me they will be in by 11:00 the next morning.

Keith’s partner, Chris (and son Christopher) take me down town to the Quality Suites (another great place to stay) and get me checked in! Did I say these Newfies are Outstanding!!?? Everyone I met had such a great attitude and a “laid back” demeanor!

The hotel is right on the harbor and the narrows have eaten more than a few ships:

Self propelled crane:

I decide to walk all over the town, the harbor and out to Signal Hill:

The harbor seen from Signal Hill:

I walked up the streets and at the Angelican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist sat a young female meth user on a bench who said something with an accent I didn’t recognize and when I said “Huh?” she opened her legs and I said “No thanks”. I know….. this thread is worthless without pictures!

Down town:

They were renovating this building:

Lots of murals and colorful houses:

Very Historic harbor:
Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breaker

Had a great seafood dinner and several Old Sam and Cokes – Captain Morgan will excuse me while I check out the local rum – wouldn’t want to get any scurvy!

Georges Street has so many bars that they have T shirts with a long list of Georges Street Tavern Names on it. You can do some serious Pub Crawling here – more pubs and less crawling!

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