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The Alma Lobster shop rocks!!
This was one of the high spots on the whole trip. I got a 4 pound lobster for $17.00 and change. Jason cooked it for me and it was fantastic. He has a degree in Information Technology and has most of the computer technician certifications but loves the lobster business. He gave me a great tour:

Jason shows me how to spot a healthy lobster:

These 5 tanks are about 50 feet by 20 feet by 4 feet deep full of graded and sorted lobsters for shipment. Water is pumped in from the Bay of Fundy and air is circulated to keep them fresh:

Now I am stuffed like a puppy dog full of buttermilk and I’m looking for a place to camp but it is Friday and the first Campground had a line with about 20 people at the desk.
I continue south to Pocologan to a Mom & Pop hotel that is nicer inside than outside:

The Captain & I observe the Moon rise over Bay of Fundy:

Ending odometer 55923

Day 21 June 26 Rain:

6:00AM Cross into US at Calais. Customs Officer Bryant and I discuss the post there and he mentions the action on the southern border is attractive but he loves working in Maine. I tell him about the good looking Canadian Customs Officers at St. Leonard and he advises me that the Canadians send a lot of good looking officers to this crossing also!
I go to the first gas station and a cute young girl “pulls a gun on me” and makes me buy a cinnamon bun:

I see a beaver lodge in Gardner Lake:

Then in Robbinston, ME I see a boat ramp with about 40 foot poles for the floating dock to handle the tide variation.:

I stopped at a mailbox store and unload all my cold weather, survival, food and cooking gear and ship it home.
Arrive at Harry and Gail’s
Ending Odometer 56238 = 315 miles

The rest of the trip was visiting old friends and family (who prefer to remain anonymous!) I did have to change the final drive bearings (which had not self destructed yet) in Virginia Beach :

and installed Tourances at odometer 57248.

While doing the GrandDad duties , young Reagan tells me about the significance of the dot on the side walls:

Then she gives me the ADV salute and goes to sleep!

And I ended up at the same McDonals 10,300 miles later:

Fantastic trip!!! Did not let the bike take a single nap!

Points to Remember or consider:

1. Solo is fun – you are never really alone.
2. Don’t try to stretch tire life.
3. Plan ahead for weather…..Aviation weather sources are your friends.
4. Don’t ride too late to find campsites.
5. Take time to talk to people. Most of us inmates are positive people doing things some people only dream about. Most of us will joke around and answer any questions.
6. The two most common comments I heard were “That is a serious motorcycle, have you been to all those places on the stickers!” and “You must have a very understanding wife!”

What’s next…..anyone been to the north end of Highways 6 and 280 to Sundance in Manitoba? Hmmm......Hudson Bay....

And then maybe over to Saskatchewan to Highway 2 north to 102 to 905 to Wollaston Lake

Ride safe!
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