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Originally Posted by lilmonkey
When I was in for my 600 mile service at the dealer there was an ol' timer there on his 30 anniversary F800 that had taken a series of large O-Rings and covered both stock grips...not only did it give a very comfortable grip, but it looked nice too. Said he had been doing it for years on all of his BMW's.

My tiny hands probably didn't need it, but if I do end up doing it, I'll post the size of the O-Ring.
There is an idea! I like that. Care to post the size ? Or does somebody know? I am toying with the idea of installing the clamshell Kuryakin for the GL1800. I believe they'd fit and if they would they would be the perfect size for my fat fingers. I know, I know they are chrome, and thats the only thing holding me back right now. That and that they are 80-100 bones.

But they are so nice and fat! I loved the feel on the wing.
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