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Originally Posted by Mfed
I can think of worse reasons to get a 3rd job...
I woulda' figured you would've learned your lesson with the supermoto thing. You remember(?)...All you have to do is say the word "Supermoto", and the price triples!

Go ahead...take your first "hit" of this ORANGE amount of intervention will help after that. The last thing that I had a simultaneous attraction and revulsion to, I almost married.

Remember...I am your buddy. Don't say, later, that I didn't warn you...

I spent all my money on motorcycles, 4X4's, whiskey, and women...The rest I just wasted. (edited to fit/original phrase by "WIBO")

"There's a WEALTH of cool people and knowledge on ADV, there's also a decent sized pocket of douche bag assholes that think their ADV forum Post Count (Oddometer) is their badge at being experienced riders." goodcat8
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