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Day 7, just east of Tok, AK to ...........

(Complete day 7 gallery)

Day 7 started packing up the camp site

Then came the decision, wanted to complete the trip with a single rear tire, and so far the Avon Distanzi was doing great, I could not do it all.

Jim and Woody had to do Prudhoe Bay, it was the title of their mission. Was mine as well, but they also have more time to play with than I.

When we got to the info center in Tok we learned the Dalton and Top of the World HWY where both open, but only recently. But the Dalton had been closed, and as recently as 5 or 6 days prior they where turning back anything on 2 wheels except for full on dirt bikes, more or less like my KLR650.

So fresh after the slog on the forest service road I decided to head down to McCarthy, Valdez, and go back via Top of the World HWY.

So we split ways, Jim, Woody and Cheryl went off the Fairbanks, and I was off to McCarthy. Really enjoyed their company, and hope hey made it safe and sound to Prudhoe Bay, hopefully in the next week or so I will hear from them.

One of the things that I had heard is the north was hit somewhat hard from the gas prices of a couple years ago, saw a few places that had obviously hit hard times.

After turning off Hwy 4 onto Hwy 10 (Edgerton Hwy) any regrets where pretty well quelled. Might not be the Dalton, but the scenery was simply amazing!

The non-paved portion of the Edgarton HWY started with this one lane excavated channel

There was a bit of pavement on the other side, but not very much. The road had some washboard, pot holes, but there where sections where it was safe for the KLR to bop along at 60-70mph.

Going along I caught a glimpse of a large single lane bridge

Must have been 150-200ft long and over that distance in height over a river. Very cool, more pictures of it in the gallery.

A little bit later when i was stopped taking pictures of another bridge I was told that a bridge down the road was closing at 7pm for repairs. It was 4, so if I was going to see McCarthy I had to scoot.

Got to the town and crossed the bridge. Now the bridge is a "pedestrian" bridge, but they don't mind when motorcycles cross (this was me on the way out of town)

The town was really cool, had a couple of B&B's/Lodges, gave tours and such. Wish I had more time to explore, and I will be back, with more gas and more time. Here are a couple of the better pics of the town, more in the gallery.

Once I knew I was going to get out, I slowed down a bit and took my time to get a few more pictures, pretty happy with this one:

After I passed the damaged bridge, I got back to the old mining era railroad bridge

Also a few more of that large single lane bridge

All in all, the road was a lot of fun to ride down

Then I started to head down to Valdez to stay for the night. When I was about 30 miles from Valdez it started to get cold, dark, and I was tired.

Did not take to many pictures on the way day, but the scenery was absolutely amazing.

It is a must ride road if you are ever in AK! Here is one of the many waterfalls along the HWY

Got into town, it was wet, I was tired, I had no clean clothes and it had been at least 3 full days of riding without a shower, so I rented a cabin, cheapest place to rent in town, at about $120.

Had a shower, did laundry and had a good nights sleep.

(Many more pics in the day 7 gallery)
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