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Day 8 - Valdez, AK to Dawson, YT

(Complete gallery from Day 8)

Here's a pic of the cabin

Took a lot of good pictures, Valdez was really cool. Would have been interesting to walk around a bit more, but still got a really good sense of the town. Looked to be a lot of hard working people here. They lived in a lot of rain, and snow.

Before breakfast I went around the town taking pictures, several of the bay and docks

Went and had a decent breakfast, and went off to see the salmon run. Tis the season. Again if I had more time it would have been cool to hang, heard a bear and her two cubs went down to snack on salmon every day around 2 or 2:30pm.

Again amazing scenery, and it turns out I was pretty lucky with the weather, they had just ended a streak of about 7 days of rain. Kind of amazing when you think about it, McCarthy is only about 150 miles away as the crow flies, but the weather was completely different, the Pacific/Gulf of Alaska and mountains must have a huge effect on the weather.

On the way out of town talk briefly to a Flaglady, turns out they set a snowfall record this past year, just like Dallas did, except where Dallas was like 14" of snow in a 24 hour period, they had 14' in a 48 hour period.

So, here I was, time for another decision, do I take the Ferry over to Whittier and head over to Homer, and then up to the Denali HWY???

After a check of the weather, Denali down to Homer all had about a 50% chance of rain, north it was, to Dawson, YT.

On the way out from Valdez I took a bit more time to take pictures

And back to Tok, AK. Hit the info center and found out the border on the Top of the World HWY was open from 8 to 8 AK time, it was about 4:30 at that point, they said it could not be done. I can do it.

Talked to a local officer for a few minutes, really liked the bike, and said I should be able to make it, so off I went. And was rewarded with more great scenery

Made it to Chicken, and was pretty comfortable that my speed over the paved sections ensure I would be sleeping in Dawson.

Got my wife a Chicken, AK t-shirt which she very much likes and continued on. The scenery was truly greatHere was a picture of a damaged section

With 40 minutes left, it was cool to see the border

It was great to be back in Canada, the tundra was very neat, very spongy to walk on, and the views amazing

Made it to Dawson, hit the "Top of the World" golf course to get a hat for my Dad

Dawson was a pretty cool little town

So waited for the ferry to cross the river

And all was well, until I got onto the ferry and realized the bike was not standing quite right, eck, the rear was loosing air. By the time I got to shore it was flat.

Wound up finding the RV/camping park in the middle of town. All of the tent sights where taken, but a young lady up from Whitehorse for the weekend was willing to allow me to squat. So I parked beside a K1200GS on the next lot, and set up my tent. Went off and get $400 out of the bank and checked out what was available.

Now, the flat tire would not have been so bad, if it was not for gettising my tire irons off the back of the bike 3 days earlier!

Time for sleep.
(Complete gallery from Day 8)
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