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Originally Posted by isaac004
I remember this too...I'm pretty sure it was on 7/13 in the late morning, a bit north of Salida CO. We were coming down the mountain into Salida and you guys were going north up the mountain. The red KLR was trailing a bit further behind. In fact, near the end of our ride while eating lunch in a Subway in Grants NM, a guy on a red KLR from Florida stopped by to talk to us and remembers passing us and said he was with two other DR riders. The KLR guy was loaded up in his truck and said he had to bail for family reasons. Pretty sure he was in your group.
Yep -- that was us. Not to intrude on your outstanding report, but this shot was taken about 30 minutes before we passed you on the mountain.

BigDaveF (our KLR riding buddy) had trucked his bike out and stashed his truck at Grants at a storage facility. We, on the other hand, rode ours out and back. I'm all but certain that it took years off my life ...

If I ever do anything like that trip again I'll do it Dave's way.

Thanks again for your great report!
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