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The factory method does not always work for getting the air out of the cooling system and the bike does not self bleed at all.

After 2 service bulletins describing different methods of bleeding, BMW finally said "too hell with it" and made a special tool to do the job that costs a tunn.

We now have that special tool, but before we got it, I came up with a method that has always worked for me.

1: Slowly fill the system from the radiator till it is full to the tippy top.

2: Open bleed screw pictured in posts above till air stops coming out, then retighten.

3: Fill radiator back to the tippy top and replace radiator cap.

4: Start bike and idle for a few minutes, open bleed screw for a few seconds and retighten.

5: Rev engine to 4,000 rpm or so and rock bike slowly from side to side with rpms high, then hold straight or center stand and open bleed screw for a few more seconds (coolant will be HOT, don't remove your dermis).

6: Shut off bike and allow to cool down (at least 30 minutes, carefully open radiator cap and fill to tippy top, replace radiator cap.

7: Start bike and allow to idle till cooling fan comes on.

GOOD: If it took a long time for the fan to come on, the whole radiator is too hot to continuesly touch from behind, and the fan is blowing off a lot of heat, go ride, everything is working!

BAD: If the cooling fan comes on pretty quick, the back of the radiator is not to hot to continuesly touch everywhere, and the fan is not blowing off a lot of hot air but rather just warm air from the hot motor and exaust surfaces, you failed, repeat steps above.

Once the system acts normally, fill the catch tank to the maximum line while the bike is hot and cooling fan is cycling on and off. Go for a few rides allowing the bike to cool completely between and check that coolant in the catch tank has remained above the minimum line.

Congradulations, you've just bled the air out of a cooling system that is sometimes a bitch to do so :)
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