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Originally Posted by isaac004
Yep, I definitely remember passing you three.

Riding the bikes out and back to the ride may have taken some more time and wasted some tires, but it also made it feel more adventurous and did keep the costs down (50-60 mpg instead of 15 mpg from a truck) and reduce logistics (don't have to worry about parking the truck and getting back to it).
Yes, we looked into the various logistical angles and had originally planned to rent a truck for the trip out and back. Then we saw the rental cost would total the price of another bike so we forgot that idea and opted to go 100% adventure!

Actually, it was not unbearable and on the twisties it was a load of fun riding the DR. But as a Gold Wing owner I can also safely say there is no way to construe the DR as a super slab tourer.

Tire wise, we rode out on the stock tires and put on knobbies at Sliver City, NM. Keeping in mind that we got off at Yellowstone and then took in some other places on the way back, the D606's got us up the trail and all the way back home with rubber to spare. Prior to the trip I had read as much as I could about "which knobbies" and there is a lot of speculation around here that gets passed off as wisdom. BigDaveF's front Mefo was toast by the time he got back to Grants. At this moment my 606's have 4,150 miles on them and I think they would go another 1K on the street -- and who knows how much further if all they were rode on was dirt. A DR rider can't go wrong with the D606, IMHO.

Your photography is outstanding! What type of camera were you using?
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