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So i went for a spin on Sunday and ended up in Sydney , rode home yesterday in the rain most of the way, a total of 1500km's of tar. I still think this is a bloody good bike, the seat gets a bit hard after a while so i may have to look into a sheep skin or something. The bike handled road duties well and even handles the twisties well. The screen is a bit irritating, i've tried most settings and i think i'll go back to the highest spot and order a tall screen as this one tends to let the wind hit the helmet and wobble it around. Actually i think there was a guy in the US tooling up to make touringb screens so i might contact him as well.
The grumbling from the engine at 3 - 3.5k rpm is still there, i notice its worse in sports mode so i'm sure its fueling. The engine is noticeably loosening up, but you can tell its restricted somewhere, it feels like it wants to go harder.
While i was away i fitted up some Oxford heated grips (which have now stopped working, i think the switch is full of water) and with some skilled use of a lathe by Pezz we fitted up the Touratech cruise control off my 1150 GS as well as a TT GPS holder (which needs to shifted half an inch to the left)

Also a bit of grime to get rid of the horrible "new bike" lustre

And the most important bling of all
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