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High Fender

I have a new (to me) 07 990 Adventure. I had some bits and pieces laying around from a 690e (it went through a black phase, but after an encounter with a bump gate, its orange plastic was put back on), it seemed like I might be able to make a high fender for the 990 without buying anything else (the 690 black front fender and fork guards were not damaged when the bump gate put me down Davestr asked me about this in a PM and since pictures are involved I'm posting the answer here in case others are interested.

I know this subject has a zillion threads, so here we go: Yet Another High Fender Thread (YAHFT) .

The 690e front fender is the one most people use. Since I already had that in hand, I used it.

The 690e fork guards are the same as used on all the KTM dirt bikes and the design used the last few years is wrap around which provides better protection. I haven't seen others use these protectors, but again, I had them; let's see if we can make them work.

First, these tubes encircle the fork tubes and are a pain to get on and off. The first time I got a bike which use these (all three of my current bikes) I used a box knife to slit the back side so that they can be easily removed. This doesn't alter their ability to protect. These protectors don't match the 990 bolt patterns so some fabrication is necessary (done with suitable cutting with the box knife -- easy to do). The right protector looks like the fabrication done by others when using other protectors.

The left side requires cutting also, but my bike, being an ABS 990, presented a bit of a puzzle as to how to handle the ABS sensor wire. You can see that I run it inside the protector using a notch at the bottom. I also use the ABS sensor mount to attach the protector. I could have drilled a hole, but decided to use zip ties (two small holes and a tie around the bracket).

I was able to use one of the existing holes which did line up on this side (the right side required drilling to match the side mount hole).

I used bolts from my stash of bits and pieces to mount stuff and even found some spacers which were the right size. The only thing I had to buy were some nylon 5/8" wire tie loops which I zipped to the fork tubes to provide support for the brake lines. The lines didn't touch the fork tubes with the stock fender and they don't touch with the high fender. They follow the stock location.

Another angle on the brake lines.

Finally the spacers.

It is easy to switch back and forth between the stock fender and the high fender. Takes about 10 minutes.
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