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Been in a holding pattern for a bit, waiting for parts to arrive. I was waiting on rims, they came in but the aluminum "seal bushings" that wheel seal ride on hadn't come in yet from the dealer. Was waiting on forks, they came in yesterday and I attempted get the guts swapped over to the original forks tubes last night but the seals I bought were wrong. eBay ad said "These oil seals fit ALL Marzocchi 45mm forks..." ....nope, they sure don't So I went to the dealer today to get some over priced BMW seals...$43 each for the oil seals and another $43 each for the dust seals...if they had them in stock but "it's not an item that we normally stock". Same thing when I asked for wheel bearing and axles seals, "We don't stock those but can have them in 10 days if you like". Maybe I expect too much but it seems like wheels bearing, and forks seals would be a stocked item.

I decided to put the forks back together with the used seals. Normally I wouldn't do it but I really need to get out on the road/trail to get the suspension tuned and test out the other mods before we hit the road in Oct. I know I'll have to screw around with fork oil weights and different springs so there will be several opportunities to swap the new seals in when they arrive.

The new (well not new but different model) Marzocchi Shiver 45s from an Aprillia Rxv, revalved by James at Super Plush Suspension:

I got lazy and didn't take any pics of the fork assembling steps but there are lots in -W-'s thread as well as Gangplanks RXV fork swap thread. I opted not to limit the travel on the forks. The stock F8's were 9 1/4" and the RXVs are just under 12". The F8 fork tubes are longer the the RXVs so when the guts are swapped over without limiting the travel it ends up being about 10 1/2. I plan on replacing the rear shock and will try to up the travel in the rear as well. Hopefully the slightly unbalanced travel front to back won't be problematic.

I did install the HyperPro progressive "TT Big Tank" springs. They say they are good for a 180-220lb rider with the extra weight of the TT tank and 20litres of fuel. I'm 235lb without gear so I think these springs should be OK even without the monster tank on the bike.

I added 14mm preload and the sag (bike only) was 55mm. Bike plus me, sag= 65mm. 10.5" travel=266.7mm. 65mm is 24.3% of the travel. 1/3 is a good starting point so if I take out the 14mm preload the sag should be 79mm give or take a couple which would be 29.6%. This fork tuning stuff is new to me so it will be a learning experience!

The zip tie shows the sag bike only:

I did need to mount the tires and install the rims to check the sag numbers. the Rocky Mountain GS Challenge is this weekend and I wanted to check that out and there is a Motorrad Offroad training course that I'll be doing in a few weeks so I decided to mount up the rear Michelin Desert and the Pirelli MT21 front rather than the Anakees.

Tomorrow I'll pull the 14mm preload out and add the fork oil so I can go for a ride to test the new bits and pieces out....finally!
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