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Brett is a Micatech customer who has recently left for a RTW journey. He's done a loop of New Foundland and Labrador and he's now out in the western US. Check out a few of his photos and his blog at:

Packing List

Life on Mars

A great post:
Reflections for the month of July
Here are my quick reflections for the month of July:

1. Canadians are really nice people.
2. Americans can still surprise you with kindness.
3. I should have brought my kids with me.
4. Life is for living.
5. I should have done this when I was younger.
6. Riding for a month… HURTS!
7. My kids miss me a lot less than I thought.
8. The native American Indians got the shaft.
9. I have been very fortunate in my life… but by the grace of God, go I.
10. My memories of my marriage are better than the real thing.
11. My kids and their futures are the most important things I will ever have responsibility for.
12. Country music rocks… ARRGGHHH… I can’t believe I’m saying that!
13. I am going to do this kind of thing with my kids every year until they are no longer kids.

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