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Originally Posted by bmweuro
Not to bad of a job if you pull the swing arm pivots after removing the driveshaft bolts. Where are you getting the 5th gear?
I should have done the Swing arm direction, but went with the engine forward instead. (no 27mm socket) It's out and on the garage floor, headed to the shop tomorrow. I'm awaiting the results of the parts need... If Fifth is trashed I'll definitely go with a higher replacement.

I'd have to say that I'm unusually frugal, and 200 bucks was a bit of a shock . It's true that I sourced it for price as soon as I heard, not much to be saved.

Anton has a good price and I'm in awe of his willingness to share his knowledge as well as the vibe you get in posts listed above. I'd order from him just to throw some business his way. If you're going to spend money, why not spend it with people you respect.
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