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Originally Posted by AntonLargiader
Per your PM - the '81 probably doesn't have the shift kit. My notes say it happened in mid-1981, applying to most of the '82 models. Might depend when in '81 your tranny was built. Easy enough to tell; when the shifter mechanism comes out just compare it to the pics on this page.

I'm glad you found a local shop that is competent with these. Seems pretty rare these days. Dealership? That'd be even rarer.
If the box doesn't have the shift kit should one be swapped in for long term?

I was referenced to the shop by a long time rider/racer of Airheads I met on a lark a couple years ago. Forgot the name and then had someone here mention it. I'm hoping for the best, I've got two bikes and they're both broken right now.

Sad when your running vehicle is a 60's MG and you'd really like to have it sold . Had to make a gasket the other day for it to get me down the road. Thank goodness I had an old school teacher teach us to make them rather than blindly heading down to the parts store. (and some gaskets aren't even available for the darn thing anymore)
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