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Day 3

Well, we're in Hope tonight for Brandi's birthday - her 30th. She was born on a Friday the 13th, so staying with her family on a Friday seemed rather fitting. Happy birthday, sweetie!!!

The rest of her extended family here in Hope just left for the evening so I'm gonna try and get caught up on this RR...

Day 3 - Edmonton to Lloydminster

The original plan (hah! so much for that!) was to make it from Edmonton to Eston in a day. The late start and night riding combined with the miles we'd made so far were already taking their toll on Brandi's back so we decided to cut it short today and booked ahead to stay in Lloydminster for the night.

We managed a moderately early start out of Edmonton, and were fuelled up and on the road out of Edmonton before noon (ok.. so its early by OUR standards).

Bikes were fuelled... time for Brandi to refuel!

Caffeine FTW! (This one's for you, Amanda!)

My dad and stepmom were on their way back from visiting my grandmother in Eston while we were heading east, so we had received word from them that they were going to be spending a day camping in Mundare AB, so that's where we headed. Unfortunately, that meant staying on the the Yellowhead (Hwy 16). Whee. More boring 4-lane freeway riding.

We decided to pony up a few bucks and cut through Elk Island Park instead of staying on the main hwy to the junction north to Mundare. You can tell from the look on Brandi's face how exhilirating the ride has been so far today:

We found a bench on the beach and enjoyed some sunshine for a bit:

Then it was back out onto the parkway - BEAUTIFUL road... too bad the speed limit was 60km/h.

Some more of the parkway:

And one more for good measure:

We exited the park and got onto a secondary hwy to Mundare. Now I know a lot of you have seen some of the 'larger than life' landmarks that Canada has to offer, but this is by far the oddest one that I've seen so far. Apparently this is the world's largest sausage (no man-sausage jokes, please!)

I guess the original proprietor of the local butcher shop was a rather well-respected member of the community. Some years after his passing (and the original business still bears his name) the staff and present ownership erected this monument as a memorial.

Call me traditional or old-fashioned, but I think I'd prefer a nice headstone, thanks.

And some background info to the 'erection' of this 'huge sausage'

And then there was this oddity at the same site... a blue bison painted with Ukrainian easter eggs:

Seemed rather odd to me, but maybe meat isn't the only thing they smoke in Mundare.

And speaking of easter eggs - or pysankas for you hardcore Ukrainians - here's another of those larger-than-life Canadian landmarks. The largest pysanka in the world in Vegreville, Alberta:

Its fairly large, but it must be pretty light. It looked like Brandi could have held this thing up all day!

And another shot to show a little better size comparison:

After that, it was back out onto Hwy 16 to pound out some more freeway miles en route to Lloydminster:

After this shot, the weather turned ugly, so it was time to break out the rain gear and stash the camera. Day 4 update coming up shortly!

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