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Day 4

Day 4 - Lloydminster to Eston to Drumheller

We got our earliest start of the trip so far checked out and on the road by 10:00am! Which actually gave me a chance to get a 'shadow shot':

There was next to no traffic on the road, and we were able to head straight south along 'Meridian Ave' out of Lloydminster (its right along the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, hence the name). It was a secondary route, which was nice. But being on the prairies, it was still dead-straight and boring as could be. Nice views and the 'big sky' of the flatlands is nice:

Soon after leaving town, we started spotting the first of many, many old grain elevators:

Our first rest stop of the day was in Dilberry Lake park. Found a nice isolated spot under some ponderosa pines to park the bikes while we stretched our legs:

This little fella apparently took offense to us moving in on his turf and was either being a little brave or looking for a handout:

After a nice walk around and using the facilities, it was time to gear up and get back on the bikes. Some of us have a lot more hair to try and stuff back into a helmet tho:

Almost ready to go:

Back on the road... typical prairie skyline - blue skies and powerlines:

We're definitely in the prairies now. Flat ahead of us and flat behind us:

Another fuel/snack stop in Kindersley SK:

The bikes, refuelled and ready to go:

Back out on the road for the last 40km from Kindersley to Eston:

Typical prairie traffic on the secondary roads:

And finally, we arrive at the easternmost point of our journey - my grandmother's. Here she is with Brandi and I, 89 years young and still sharp as a tack:

After spending the day visiting, it was time to hit the road again so that we didn't have to make up a pile of miles in the next couple days to stay close to our travel schedule, so away we went.

These signs on the prairies made me laugh. You could see the beginning and end of these curves coming for miles, yet they still post these signs 'warning' you of the curve ahead:

More grain elevators at one of the rest stops we took, and the name of the town struck me as amusing as well:

Heading west to Drumheller, the sun beginning to dip towards the horizon ahead of us:

More big skies filled with poofy clouds:

An old abandoned homestead along the side of the road:

The patchwork of colours and crops were interesting. There were a lot more canola fields than wheat this time than I recall seeing in the past:

We stopped for a bite to eat in Oyen (tried to find a room here, but everything was booked up, so we settled for a meal and then pushed on to Drumheller). The convenience store we stopped at for fuel had these 'tenants' in their sign:

The sun continued to set in front of us as we continued west:

As the sun set, the bugs got INSANE. We each had a damp cloth tucked under our tank bags so that we could clean our visors intermittently as we rode. I was wiping mine every 2 minutes at the very most, otherwise it was nearly impossible to see through the smear of guts. This is what the front of Brandi's bike looked like when we got to Drumheller:

Day 4 had been a long one for us - over 650km. Time to crash and get some rest.

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