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Day 2

We got some sleep on our first night but not a lot. Right off the bat we were totally impressed with the Thermarest Pro Lite self inflatable pads we bought and we also brought along little memory foam pillows from Canadian tire. Both proved throughout the trip to be indispensable and worthy of the investment. Pillows only cost about $19 CDN. Well worth it and they pack really small.

The goal for this day was to make it to Glacier National Park. The ride up and around Osoyoos Lake and into the interior of BC was awesome. Another beautiful day weather wise and great views.

After enjoying the view we were off to the Border and entered the States at Porthill, ID. Interesting enough the Border Guard State side informed us to stay away from Browning Montana. As a matter of fact he said do not stop there or spend the night. He gave no reason but was adamant we agreed to stay away from Browning. Still only heard rumours as to why he said this but won't speculate and we just avoided Browning any way.

We road for 11 hours this day in about 28 to 31 Celsius or 86 too 90 degree heat. Not long into the ride after we left Osoyoos we noticed Cheryl had a screw in her front tire and I had a very long nail on my rear. Cheryl's tire was fine mine had to be plugged. Nice guy in Castlegar fixed the tire and we got to learn how to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire for $10. Good part it only took 15 mins to fix. We had a plug kit as part of our tool kit so if this happened again we knew we would be able to do it ourselves.

The weather was great but a little hot....the bikes are running well but our butts are getting really sore. Pulled up to a gas station not far from the KOA near Glacier, YES a KOA for WIFI and it is nice.....anyway, this guy saw our HD motorcycle cam and thought we were gnarly. Folks in Montana ride motorcycles without helmets or gear. Either they are crazy or know something we don't. I think we will continue to wear gear and our helmets throughout this HUGE state. We are having difficulties trying to really fit in leisure activities without worrying about getting to NY and back home in 26 days. But we will work it out.

So, day 2 came to a close and we were still not sure what we were going to do tomorrow....head East, drive up Road to the Sun in Glacier. That would be 4 hrs out of the was time to pack it in for this day.

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