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Dash Done

NordieBoy, pin #4 of the USB Mini-B is normally not used. Some newer Garmin units use pin #4 to detect if the unit is connected to a computer or a charger. Chargers have pin #4 grounded, and computer cables have it open. My unit (Oregon) has an option (Spanner) to ask the user what to do on connection.

Here's the connector pinout:

USB Mini-B pinout

pin 1	red	+5 volt
pin 2	white	data -
pin 3	green	data +
pin 4	brown	n/c
pin 5	black	gnd
For now I'll use Spanner mode. I'd like to have a connector that has pin #4 grounded, but I haven't found anyway to do this other than by buying a Garmin charger and cutting off the connector.

I found these cables from Argent Data Systems that have a lead for pin #4, but unfortunately, the angle of the connector won't work with my Oregon.

Here's how I soldered up the 5 volt regulators.

And the finished supplies ready for installation. I applied some heat sink compound and screwed the heat sinks down to the underside of the front dash mount bracket.

I decided to try using the individual LEDs for the dash instrument lights. I soldered on 1K ohm resistors to each LED and used heat shrink tube on all the connections to insulate and strengthen.

All I have to show the construction is this blurry photo.

And here are the finished dash lights. I used the OE light harness and cut off the existing bulbs then soldered on my LEDs. The photo also shows my notes on polarity and wire color of the different lights.

Here's the dash powered up. I pressed the LEDs into their clip holders from the back with a few drops of 'super glue' to keep them from popping out.

It seems the 1K resistors will give a good brightness. I'm thinking a night dimmer would be nice to have, but I'll wait until I get some real use before deciding to make something.

I found the dash as designed really too tight underneath. It was hard to install and wire up the components. It would be nice to have some more space below the top panel to ease maintenance.

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