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July 19th 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010 (793 km) slept in a bit this morning and thought we would enjoy a KOA breakfast but it was too expensive and would have taken too much time. So, we had an oatmeal bar and off we went to hand in our Kabin key....that was when the expensive losses of the day began. I left my glasses by the cabin and when I went back to look for them I found a pair of crushed prescription glasses. My only pair for the trip. Pissed off I was but Cheryl said donít worry. She gave me an extra pair of sunglasses and I could see but not the way my driverís license says. We also gave our camping chairs to some loading some extra weight and things are not using. If you look back at our departure pics, you will see the chairs on top of the yellow wolfman dry duffel bags. After this stop we realized we would be camping where there were tables and no need for our $29 REI chairs and some little boy for his birthday got a new chair along with his sister. They LOVED them.

Stopped at a little diner in Lewiston, Montana for breakfast and I bought a cool pair of shades. Very cloudy day and off in the distance we could see rain...the wind was a killer today and with that said, I was wearing my Contour HD1080p helmet cam for some dumb reason and going 140km/hr with high winds, my cam and mount blew off. Cheryl saw it leave my head and we went back to take a look at the carnage. The cam was intact but the 16GB card and battery tossed out. Cam is out of commission. Chalk it up to me losing a lot of $$ today and Cheryl thinking to herself, ďthank God it wasnít me!Ē

We had to pull over to the side of the road to pee and change into our rain liners. It was a high of 22 Celsius but was over cast and cool. Got rained on a bit but not much and headed to Devilís Tower in Wyoming.

Had to tie down our tarp to the bikes. the wind was really bad and we thought at the time a storm was coming so we used the bikes as anchors.

We were determined to get out of that HUGE state of Montana and we did. Another KOA set up our tent in high winds and went to eat.

we used to own Harley's and liked this sign!

Cheryl never saw Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and the Tower is freaking her out. We hoped to wake early and get a good start on the day but stopping at Mount Rushmore before we carry on to NY.
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