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July 20th 2010-Scary event on this day

Before I forget.....Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota and so far Wisconsin all do not have helmet laws for motorcycles. It also looks like motorcycle gear is optional. Needless to say Cheryl and I look like such the odd man out and obvious to the locals we are tourist riders. We both agree we rather ride our way. These guys are NUTS in those states!

Woke up early to a beautiful sunrise and cool morning. Had breakfast at the KOA restaurant and headed out on our way to Mount Rushmore.

What you would see inside our tent on some nights.

Good morning Devil's Tower!

Cheryl's mascot. She found this little guy and took him along for the ride!

This is Cheryl showing me how to roll up the rope the correct way. Obviously I did the one in her right hand.

Leaving Devil's Tower and btw, the KOA host was really biker friendly,

After we departed the Close Encounter Tower we made a short detour and rode through Sturgis, SD. We were there about 2 1/2 weeks before the annual BIG rally. We are not LARGE group people so seeing Sturgis without the 1000's of bikers was just fine with us.

Spoke to a gal who lives in Sturgis and I asked how does the town like being the #1 hot spot once a year for bikers? She stated, "we love the attention and the money it brings in". She also said the rally is a lot of fin for the locals in general! Good to know.

Got to the monument and there was a long line to get into the National Park. So, we U-turned it and drove down the road a bit, stopped and took pictures. All that way to see the Presidents but we did not go in. Cheryl was pleased to see that massive carving as was I. I saw Mount Rushmore when I was a kid with my folks. Everything, including all the states we are cruising through looks different from a bikes view and as an adult.

Notice the chairs on top of the dry bags are gone. We gave them away because we did not need camping chairs!

So impressive to be honest and apparently they just finished not too long ago a major restoration.

On this day something weird happened to me while riding. We were on I-90 doing about 140km/hr when we hit a very uneven long stretch of road. I was feeling a little tired but I guess was not aware how tired I was. Out of nowhere I began to wobble I would call it going into an uncontrollable wobble spin. Then I seemed to have blacked out or fallen asleep. My partner said she was beeping her horn like crazy because she thought I was a goner into the center median. For some reason I awoke from whatever it was to find myself not in control of the bike but somehow managed to slow down without down shifting from 6. I was in the left lane by now and I did think for a moment if I was to crash I would try to slide the bike on the grass. Thankfully I did not crash and got to the right shoulder and saw my bike was still in 6th gear. Totally freaky and scary. The heat, 90 degrees and maybe not enough food + being tired made for one wake up call for both us. 5 Hr energy drinks came into my daily morning routine after this incident!

After the Kodak moment, we then on to found by mistake a very cool twisty back country where we were greeted around a bend by a herd of black cows. They blocked our road for a bit as we watched them and they did not like us there. After the road cleared we headed to the EVER boring I-90 to try to make up time. I-90 has to be the worse road ever. Uneven, bad shape although they are working it, BORING and did I say BORING. We ended the day in very HOT weather. Got up to 32 Celsius and about 90 Fahrenheit. We were tired and hot by the time we got Mitchell, South Dakota. We were so psyched by the way when we got out of Montana. Much like the Prairies of Canada. Had a very nice greeting by the campground Hosts and even got a great deal on a cabin with a/c. We are obviously not roughing it and I am sure our credit will not thank us for this trip. Had a hard time starting the fire for our Chilli and Beans in the can but Cheryl got it going and all was good. Late to bed but satisfied with the mileage we did.

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