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And the machinist ran the hone through the cylinder and pronounced it CRAP. We're going to bore it out.

I brought the sump extension to my local airhead guy and he spot faced the holes that had gotten funked up from running loose. I've just gotta make a coupla gaskets and put it back together mit Loctite and the sump can go back on.

Meanwhile, progress continues. I made a fixture for my dial indicator to check parallelosity of the fork stanchions, and in so doing I became acquainted with a previously unknown to me local resource--the Boiler Works!

I needed a short piece of 2" AL angle thick enough that I could tap it M8 through the bend and I was not finding it at the hardware store nor at the machinist. The machinist sent me to Boiler Works, which was not far from home. They had buttloads of all sorts of metal bits and hooked me up with this remnant for less than $3:

I'm now looking for projects around the house that will require a trip to Boiler Works just so I can walk around the BIG room full o' metal some more.

All drilled and tapped and indicator installed:

And checking the fork. Top:

And bottom:

I'm pretty happy with <.001, and it was still straight in the plate glass plane. Someday I'll be able to start with the sliders and front wheel.

After that it was time to put the top of the fork together. I was a little surprised to find that BMW relied on the chassis ground all the way out to the front turnsignals. I had to check continuity at every step before I believed it, and I had to remove the PC on the TS stalks to get continuity in the pods.

Once that was together it was time to monkey with the headlight bucket and the main harness. Success! I'll probably install the battery with a coupla jumpers to check the lights and whatnot:

But there is trouble. I don't have a good picture of where the wires connect on the starter relay because they were all the same color (coppery green) when it came apart due to the leaky MC. When I cleaned the relay I was distressed to find that there were no DIN numbers on the bottom. Can any one tell me what goes where on this thing?

Last pic is as if you removed the screws that hold it to the frame and tilted it up to see it. Any help much appreciated and I'll fax you a beer.
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