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The End is Near :)

Well, time to sum this up, kinda...

Found out that the original Guzzi brake pump was no good with the new calipers, and went for the one that came with the fork setup. That brought along a string of other changes, since the original Guzzi stuff contained trottle, switchgear and brake pump in one unit. So off with the old stuff and on with a trottle grip from Tomaselli, switchgear from Domino and of course the brakehandle/pump from Tokico. Changed all the stuff on the "clutch side" as well to match the other side better (handle from a 1100 sport, switchgear from Domino)

The instruments is mounted on a aluminium plate from Stein-Dinse, and I "recycled" the top of the Guzzi dash with the instrument lights to fill up the space behind the fly screen. Thought that looked better than to use LEDs in the alu-plate...

Decided that the tank needed some colors "to tie the front and back together" designwide, and ended up with black behind the Guzzi logo with some orange pinstripes. The black area is actually reflective foil from 3M, giving a quite cool effect in the dark

I'm quite content with the result so far, and here's a few pictures showing the finished result:

As you can probably can tell from the last picture - I'm quite content with the result so far

Still some cleaning up to do, but I guess that I'll leave that until the winter sets in - the riding season is short here in Norway, and I intend to get the most out of whats left
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