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Porcupine Carnage, Customs and Finally Canada

I have to start with I have never seen so many porcupines outside a zoo than I did today. Okay, so what if they were road kill--there were 4! You could use them them to count every 100 miles. If they weren't so far apart, I'd say that someone was plinking/shooting porcupines out of season (is there a season??) and hucking them out the car window to dispose of the bodies!

The only thing that there were more of were than dead porcupines were toll booths. I think I have spent my day's hotel per diem paying to use a bridge, turnpike and expressway. Seriously, if anyone is doing the the route get thee and Ezpass now. I suppose it's better to get one huge bill, than stop every 20 feet and bleed a buck.

With the exception of border control (more later..), the traffic was non-existent and dreamy. Maine wins the "bestest" award for rest stops. Some had Wi-Fi, others were very quaint being smack on a very nice lake.

While we didn't stop much today in the states, the weather was outstanding, as were the cloud formations!

We also drove by a dozen or two of muscle-era old cars:

This sign makes it sound like you damn near hit a moose everywhere.

This is the best we could find...

Customs took F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! It was horribly backed-up. Then finally we decided to go to different booths, and while I skated right through like greased lighting, Dana not so lucky.

After they found her other travel for work, she got the special privilege of a motorbike search! And she didn't even get a passport stamp for prosperity. Meanwhile, I decided to take some nice photos:

While it was only <200KM from customs in St John, we saw a nice sign which was very official looking: a lighthouse on a blue/white background. So we followed it for quite some time. After a very nice covered bridge, and very nice photo ops of the bay, it dawns on us that there is no lighthouse to be found

The sign is apparently a Canadian way for scenic by-way. Well, it was a nice ride, but really all this water and they can't give me a lighthouse?

And what would a ride report be without the obligatory dinner photo :

Staying a Hampton inn--it has a 80 ft indoor slide. The thing was a blast to ride and probably would be illegal in the US, and I am surprised nobody was bleeding, nor needing medical attention during my stay from it. Scotty, I think you need to upgrade you pool for next summer. Maybe something like an Amish barn raising, we can help you upgrade? At least you are used to wearing your MC crash gear in the pool, which decidedly will help you...

(Oh, and Scotty's slide won't come with the striped bikini--stop looking at her like that--she's 12!)

Tomorrow, catch the ferry to Digby.
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