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Violation of Rule #1--$100 penalty

Rule #1--If you are too dumb to know the area, and too whimsical to ride your plan, you'd best be checked into a hotel/motel/campground/igloo/teepee/camper/parent's house NLT 1600.

Really Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore, there isn't a Motel 6 on every corner.

So the say started off well, had a wonderful breakfast at the Hampton before heading out to get Dramamine for the ferry ride. Turns out, I probably didn't need any, because the bay is quite shielded and calm.

Next off to the ferry. The bikes que up in line 2, which is second to last to load, and second to last to unload. Once you get there, you need to take your reservation number in and get an actual ticket. The ferry was full, so make reservations a few days prior.

It was $90 for bike and rider. The deck hands are wonderful, and get you through the process. The ferry floor is wet and very, very slick. Stay off that front brake! The bikes are parked nose out/perpendicular to the nose of the boat. Park your bike in first gear, and if you have something to tie the front brake lever is good too. The ferry will supply ratchet straps. Tie point is the passenger peg on the right side, across the seat, to the tie point behind/left of the bike.

There is a lot to do to include travel agents from each port. While they gave me great info on camp sites, apparently, you need to call ahead to make sure they still exist. The ferry ride was pleasant, and even saw some porpoises!

Digby and Yarmouth are quaint towns, but nothing piqued my interest enough to stop after initial drive thorough. Although, hindsight, we should have bed down in Yarmouth.

RT 1 South/West is called the Evangeline Tour. There are at least a handful of really ornate, tall steepled churches from the 1700s.

I am not sure how it happens, but they are apparently mostly French speaking until Yarmouth. The road signs all use French spellings for Cities, while most maps are in English spellings. I thought that proper names were always the same, but clearly that is not the rule.

Regardless, RT1 is a very nice road meandering on the coastline.

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