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Originally Posted by Rabbitson
Like the old school truck pic, very cool. What is it?


Dodge A-100 compact pickup a short 90 inch wheelbase and normally powered by a slant six.

The most notorious of the A-100s: Jim Schaeffer and John Collier modified it to put in a legendary 426 Hemi engine, with roughly four times the horsepower of the six. Rather than putting the "elephant engine" under the hood,they stuck it behind the cab, in front of the rear wheels, which required cutting a whole into the pickup bed and another into the cab itself. The result is actually better weight distribution than the standard A-100 (48 front, 52 rear vs 58/42), but it's rather less practical for getting groceries or lumber, since the engine extends into both the cab and the short bed. The Hemi, incidentally, was connected directly to a TorqueFlite automatic, and was supported via a heavy-duty welded steel subframe.
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