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I'd be in for a group buy this winter if the pot was sweetened enough. Not asking for free, just a good, "middle of winter", "christmas kicked the crap out of my wallet", "here's an excuse to buy something you want" kinda sale. On the bright side, It would also give Lennie some income in a leaner part of the season. Also, just think of what a bunch of us are going to say and talk about after we get our group buy goodies installed and most, if not all of us are super satisfied with the price, service and product. If I dig up the books from one of my past bachelor degrees, I think they called that "word of mouth advertising" the cheapest and best form by far.

Look at the burst of business the EPMperf got on the steering stabilizers after I recommended a group buy. Everyone got a deal, everyone was happy and lot of guys looked at the thread (over 6000 views so far) that's some serious advertising and awareness. What was the cost? A slightly lowered gross margin - short term. Lots of extra business long term.
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